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We specialise in providing accountancy services, tax returns, payroll, bookkeeping, tax savings and tax advice to a diverse range of clients and small businesses. We pride ourselves on providing a professional service for a reasonable fee.

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Payroll Services

We can assist with all payroll matters including Employer PAYE registration, running of weekly or monthly payroll including tax and national insurance calculations and production of payslips together with all year end filing requirements.

If your company employs staff, providing certain conditions are met (see HMRC website for conditions), you must register as an employer with HMRC up to four weeks in advance of your first pay day.

Once the payroll system is up and running, monthly submissions and payments to HMRC are then required to be made, paying over staff deductions such as PAYE and Employees NI, and also Employers NI too. Annual submissions to HMRC will also be required.

We operate a computerised service using the latest payroll software and HMRC data and have dedicated staff available to run the weekly/monthly payroll for your company.

What is included in this service?

•Setting up a new, or taking over an existing PAYE and/or CIS scheme
•Adding joiners details to the system, including processing of P45/P46
•Preparation of weekly/monthly payroll reports, showing totals for Gross Pay, Net Pay, Deductions and Employer NI
•Preparation of weekly/monthly pay slips for staff
•Removing leavers as appropriate including issue of P45
•Dealing with all other payroll related matters, such as pension deductions, SMP, SSP, court orders, expenses etc.
•Advising you of what you need to pay to HMRC and when by
•Completion and submission of P14, P35 and P11D to HMRC and preparation of P60 and copy P11D for staff
•Setting up of Sub-Contractors on system, including HMRC verification
•Calculation of monthly/weekly amounts to pay Sub-Contractors
•Preparation of Sub-Contractors payment and deduction statements, including HMRC submission of CIS300
•Advising you of what you need to pay to HMRC and when by
•Year round email / telephone support on all payroll related matters

By using a specialist to take care of your payroll requirements, you will have more time to spend on the important aspects of your business, not to mention not having to worry about the cost of maintaining a payroll system and staying up to date with a continually changing rates and rules.

If you wish to know more about any of the accounting services or would like to arrange a free initial consultation in order to discuss how we may help you, please call 01223 839266 or contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


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